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Greif manufactures (10L - 235L) standard and specialty UN approved steel drums in a range of styles and sizes with a choice of internal linings. We offer a range of standard gauge combinations, covering the required UN performance level for practically all products. Our drums comply with stringent UN regulations for packing dangerous and non-dangerous goods. We serve the petrochemical, industrial chemical, paint and coatings, food, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste industries (visit us at, Our world-leading production processes enable fast turnaround and efficiency. The Greif Spiraltainer triple seam and other quality factors ensure superb performance

Greif manufactures a variety of small and medium plastic drums to meet our customers needs. Our UN-approved plastic drums are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies to meet the stringent demands of chemical compatibility with hazardous and non-hazardous products as well as reliability and safety requirements. Our plastic drums are made from a high molecular-weight, high-density polyethylene resin and manufactured to high standards of quality and consistency. This material makes the drums extremely strong and rigid, allowing for easy handling and low shipping costs. Plastic drums save warehouse space because they are stackable and can be stored outside without rusting. In addition, total packaging costs are decreased because plastic drums are reusable.





20L, 25L & 32L

"2007 Goldpack award winner"

The latest addition to Greif’s range of medium plastic containers is the Eurotainer, which has optimum stackability on square pallets.

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 Small Steel Drums

Greif Small Steel Drum
Closed Head & Open Head

10L - 59L

The smart choice for a dependable, highly protective container that ships small quantities of materials ranging from paints to chemicals.

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 Large Steel Drums

Greif Large Steel Drum

210L, 223L & 235L

The Greif Spiraltainer® is the ideal shipping drum for hazardous and non-hazardous products.

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 Knock Down Drums

Knock-Down Drum (KDD)

"2007 Goldpack award winner"

KDD involves the unique system of nesting drums for shipment and storage. Between 900 and 2,500 sets of customized drum components (body, top and bottom) can be shipped in a single container, compared to about 280 drums via conventional deliveries. In addition, one employee can unload and store the drums in less than an hour.

This system is especially suitable for customers that need relatively small quantities of steel drums and in areas where total demand does not justify a local manufacturing plant.



 Container Closures


The inherent security of our closure systems also acts as a safeguard for the environment and, as such, the quality of the closures adds to the integrity of the container.  Whatever the product, our closure system will protect the contents by reducing the risk of spillage and, thereby, protecting the environment from the hazards of pollution.

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