The Safe Choice



How did Greif become world leader in industrial packaging? The answer is simple: by minimizing risks.  Our customers want to work with a company that delivers guaranteed secure safe products.  “Greif:  the safe choice” expresses our commitment to these values.


What makes Greif a safe choice? Three things are fundamental to Greif’s unique competitive advantage:

  1. The first, concerns Greif’s production expertise.  We make sure that everything runs with the precision of a swiss timepiece.  The Greif production system is a lean manufacturing mechanism.  Each step in the process is designed to maximize process and product security.  Experts from our production consultancy group (OSG) ensure that Greif standards and best practices are maintained.

  2. The second factor is Greif’s global supplier network.  Our extensive backup facilities enable us to guarantee security of supply.  The large amount of technical knowledge we have gained over many decades has led to safer products, packaging consulting world and a fast, efficient service for troubleshooting service.

  3. The third and most important factor for most customers is our business philosophy: The Greif Way.  We pride ourselves on our honesty, reliability and ethics.  Therefore, you can be sure that the recommendations we make to our customers are not influenced by short-term opportunities for our own financial gain.  We never lower our standards, even in times of economic crisis. That’s where honesty matters.

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